Remember how I was talking about how important sleep is?


Well, I just woke up- about 30 minutes ago, and even though I did not sleep 7-8 hours, I woke up without an alarm clock, feeling refreshed as if I had slept 10 full hours and had been thorough 6-7 full sleep cycles….(more on that later).

It amazes me – how I can sleep, sometimes even 4 ½ hours and feel like I have slept 10. I can function fine- do not have “foggy” moments, and don’t need 3 cups of coffee to wake up…hummmmm.
Maybe it IS that sleep system I’m sleeping on???!!!

What really gets me is that now there is research that sleep DOES affect your memory, and even though this was done on “seniors”, which I still refuse to feel like I’m rapidly becoming one, I think it affects us all!
Talk about stress! LOL

So it is not a secret, the truth is out:
Check out this article from Time

Finding the Link Between Sleep and Senior Moments.
It’s no secret that our ability to remember things dulls as we get older. Now researchers have some clues about why that happens.

Read more: http://healthland.time.com/2013/01/28/finding-the-link-between-sleep-and-senior-moments/#ixzz2JLdHl4XT

So like I said, I happen to think that it not only affects “Seniors”.
I mean, how many times have you not slept well and couldn’t concentrate at work. As for me, when I’m not doing my “own thing” I work as a dental assistant- and Heaven help me if I screw up- I could seriously cause damage to someone’s mouth and get fired to boot! (Not that I mind that, I’m actually dying to fire my boss! LOL Soon Soon ! winkChub)

So sleeping well can actually be an anti-aging thing too…very cool. Maybe I can sleep my way back to my youth. yes_text1137

Anyway, I’ll post more on the stages of sleep and how they affect us-Feel free to ask questions.

Have an awesome day and remember…hug someone and make them feel good!

Hugs to all!

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Let’s Hug!


I’ve always said that hugging is good for the soul…..now there is proof that is is also good for your blood pressure and it can boost memory and reduce stress!

Read this great article:

A hug can boost memory, reduce stress
Daily News & Analysis
Expressing one’s affection to a loved one with a hug is not just a great way to bond, it also offers many benefits including strengthening one’s memory and reducing tension, a study has found. Scientists found that a hormone — oxytocin — is released click on the link above and read more.

Here is also a great picture of a “Rescuing Hug”
Click on the picture to enlarge and read.

rescue hug

So let’s hug!

BTW- ask me about the “Masuda” hug

Have an awesome day!

Many hugs!

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Remember I talked about water? Well here is more proof that we should not drink tap water. My choice..Nikken’s Water filtration system…the new “Waterfall”

What I live for !

It is for moments like these that I live for – and do this incredible business.

It is the BEST de-stressor that exists- and the most rewarding of feelings.

Last Wednesday night a lovely lady and her boyfriend came to our house for a “getting to know you” chat and a “Wellness Home Tour”.

I showed them our Wellness Home- and how we have integrated the Nikken technologies into our lives- and told them how our lives have changed as a result.

When we sat down afterwards, I asked the boyfriend how his sleep is….his immediate reaction was “I sleep like a baby” (never mind that a baby gets up every 2 hours!!! LOL).

I said “great”- and then I asked him if he snored.  He pointed to my friend and said- “She says I do”. After being told that he also waked up with a stiff back I suggested that he borrow a Sleep System (mattress, Far-Infrared blanket and pillow) to try for a few nights, just see how he feels in the morning-

Well, this morning I got a text message of “WOW!!!!!”

I spoke to my girlfriend- and this guy who said that he “sleeps great”, woke up like he has never woken up before- no back discomfort, only got up once instead of 2-3 time to go to the bathroom, and he himself says that he has had the best night’s sleep ever and woke up like a panther!

So after wiping my tears of joy, because I was able to help someone sleep better and have less back discomfort-
I blessed, my brother-in-law for introducing us to this outstanding business- and opportunity to help impact people’s lives…

This is the Joy and Satisfaction that I live for!

What do YOU live for?

Regards to all,

Well, some of you may think that I’m a few months too early, but actually the Jewish New Year is only a week away- and with it comes all kinds of stress!

Yeah, like having to sit down for the customary meals with your family (the holiday lasts for 2 days!) – some of whom you really like- and some of whom you would rather NOT have to deal with, unless you are fortunate enough to have a wonderful loving and supportive family- who is not critical of the fact that you are…

Not married yet
Haven’t finished school
Don’t have a high paying job
Not on the diet you planned on
Haven’t finished the courses you wanted to take, the projects you were working on

And, well, you get the idea- I can go on, and on, and on and on….

It is also a time when we have to come to terms with the fact that many of us are living according to the expectations of others, instead of living our lives for ourselves. Sound familiar?

So, in keeping with the spirit of the New Year, and the self-reckoning that is the true essence of the holiday, many people go to the Synagogue/Temple and ask G-d for an improvement in their lives for the coming year.

What most people do is that they just throw out the request to the Heavens:
“I want a better year, better health, more money, a better job, to meet the love of my life”!
But what they fail to do is be SPECIFIC.

What do we WANT out of life, is my question for you today is…

What do YOU really want out of life?
What do YOU want to do?
Are YOU HAPPY with the way things are, or do you want something more???!!
Are you happy with your health?
Where you live?
Your relationships?
Your job?
Your salary?

Your FUTURE depends on it!

YOU MUST VISUALIZE what it is that you want- in DETAIL!

Not just a new car, what make, model, color, upholstery…every last detail that you want in your new car.

Make believe that you are a kid again and draw out what you want- Create a “Vision Board” and not only DREAM it- but BELIEVE that you can have whatever you want- and then you will ACHIEVE  it!!!!

When we pray, it must be with feeling and emotion…and with the belief that everything is possible!

G-d, the Universe, or whatever it is that you believe in, does not want us to be sad .
Just the way a tree doesn’t decide one day that it will not grow- neither should we…why would we???!!!

So start visualizing and believing- then you will be led to take the actions to achieve what it is that you really want out of life! We MUST keep on growing!

Remember the book that I mentioned before? Go back and look at my last post:  http://wp.me/p2lLsw-2U
Read the book again…

I look forward to your comments and if you need any help with this- don’t be shy…ask!  🙂

Hugs to all,


So I’m supposed to be writing about how to live free of stress…right?

Well, guess what?  I have been going absolutely stark raving mad these past few weeks- and had a stress level of -1001!!!!


Well, as much as I believe in the law of attraction- I’m still trying to figure out why or how I attracted out home “server computer” to crash!

Did I want/need a break from the computer?

Did I need hundreds of e-mails coming into my smart-phone and then having to answer them on the phone?

I’m still old-fashioned that way, and prefer to answer mail on the computer- and not on the phone.:-)

Maybe I just needed to go outside and talk to people face to face…

I really don’t know.

The worst part is that it was right before a huge technology launch of a very innovative product- a KenkoLight that gives you all of the advantages of the sun- without the harmful effects of the UV.

Here is the link to the brochure.


When I had to reach dozens of guests that I had invited and and, and, and,,,,,, didn’t have a computer…well, you get the picture, right?

Well, the pooch above was about the way I felt, and then…it dawned on me…

What in the world did we do before the high speed technology of the internet and smart phones?

How often do we really understand why-(never mind the how) things happen to us?
I’m a big fan on “The Secret” and how our minds work- the subconscious mind is truly a thing of wonder…

Have you ever thought of how things happen “by accident”?
Like thinking of someone and a few minuets later they call?!

Well, I have news for you- it did not happen “by accident

LOL…you MADE it happen by your thoughts!

Here is the name of a book that changed my life- It’s called “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill

“Thoughts are things!” to quote Mike Dooley from the Secret, which is based on this book, and he is incredibly right! Whether it be Riches in Money- or Happiness or Health, or even Inner Peace

I laughed at it when I first saw the title- like “yeah right”…but ya know what ? If you read it about 3-4 times and let it all sink in…and PUT IT TO USE you can create your own reality.

I’ll be happy to help you create YOUR reality too! Leave me a message below 😉

I have created sooooo much with it, it’s scary..and a lot of fun- just be careful what you wish for! 🙂

Nothing happens “by accident”.  Whether we understand it or not is another matter. Yes- even the bad things that we cannot rationalize.

I love this subject and hope to talk about it in the future- but for now- I have to get loads of programs to work again…

Getting them working will definitely lower my stress level 🙂

I think both hubby and I need a vacation-

Be back soon with more info and discussions!

Hugs to all!

 Oy! this is with my OLD glasses- and a double chin!


Remember when….Or,
Why Should I Be Stressed About My Fruits and Veggies?

For those of us who are over 40 (hummm…LOL), not so long ago, relatively, a tomato tasted like a tomato- a cucumber like a cucumber- and a lot of other fruits and vegetables had the taste of real food- and not just a bland taste that a lot of veggies have today- but when you bit into an apple it tasted really good- (even Delicious! 😉  )

Ever wonder why?

There are a lot of different theories out there;
Pesticides, hormones, storage conditions, just to name a few.

My real question is, do these things affect just the taste?
Do they also affect the quality of the vitamin content? – and
What exactly do these pesticides have to do with MY health?

Well here is a great website- just for a short explanation:

And here is one that will really scare your pants off;

See a list of no less than 40 medical conditions that our farmers can pass on to us because they want their produce to look prettier, and have a longer self life!

BTW, I wonder why HE is wearing a protective suite!

Here are just a few!

  • breathing difficulties
  •  muscle weakness and pain and loss of muscle control
  •  impaired mobility
  •  uncontrollable shaking and trembling
  •  hypothyroidism
  •  heart palpitations
  •  Parkinson’s
  •  Alzheimer’s
  •  autism
  •  cancer
  •  insomnia or difficulties with sleep

 So much has been written and there are so many website are out there telling us of the horrible side effects of pesticides on our bodies, that we turn green and get sick just from the thought that we are putting all of that horrible stuff into our systems. At least I do!

So what is a person to do?
How do we get the nutrients that we should be getting from our food?

Well, there are a few answers in my opinion;
1) Buy Organic veggies and pray that they really are “Organic”!
2) Follow this site’s list of “Clean”er fruits and vegetables
The Clean 15′ 2012 Shopper’s Guide To Pesticides
 and see what the Environmental Working Group EWG calls the “Dirty Dozen”

3) Grow your own…gulp

And 4)

This fourth suggestion comes from personal experience….
I know darn well that I cannot always rely on my source of wholesome and totally organic fruits and vegetables – but I also know that I need my daily vitamins and minerals…

So I decided to check out the Kenzen (it’s a Japanese word meaning wholesome) and Kasai (in Europe) line of whole foods by Nikken.

In other words- not just the vitamin C from the orange- but the WHOLE orange!

I personally am in love with the Jade GreenZymes, green barley grass, and the Lactoferrin Gold + their Multivitamins and Minerals. They also have Bio-Directed Whole Food products.
Ask me about them.

You can check out the whole line at: http://www.nikken.com/product/technology/index.cfm#kenzen

For once when I had routine blood tests done for the sake of checking up on myself- all of my values were right where they should be, and improved in so many ways, and that is aside from the fact that I’m full of energy, and those of you who know me can attest to it! LOL

I now have the confidence that I’m supplying my body with the proper nutrients in order for it to function efficiently and without poisoning my system in the process!

So think about that video I posted from Healthy World Healthy Child- think also about what you are feeding your family! Check out the blog called How to Safeguard our Future

Feel free to ask questions- that’s what I’m here for! J

Have a Healthy Stress Free day!









What You Don’t Know Won’t Hurt You…Really??!!

My Grandmother (of blessed memory) used to say “what you don’t know won’t hurt you”.

That might have been true a looonngg time ago- but in today’s world, the motto is more- “Stay Informed”- and more “Don’t Be Left Out”. 

So I’m going to ask a question…
Do you really know what is in your drinking water?
How’s that for adding stress to your lives..
Who knows what we are really drinking??!!

Many of us want to stay healthy, so we buy bottled water- and then we have the challenge of polluting the environment with the plastic bottles that don’t decompose and clog up the eco-system.

Just how can we be sure that they have really “pure” water in those bottles? There have been many studies done that show us just how “good” the different companies are and how many chemicals and heavy metals are in the bottled water. 😦

So some of us have fancy filtration systems installed in our homes with hot and cold bars, and are living under the false impression that the water is “Clean” but we keep on forgetting that water has a memory- watch this short clip…

And then again, many people rely on their municipal water plants to keep the water clean for drinking, cooking and bathing- but what they don’t realize is that just like was shown in the clip- water has a memory- and if it went through a dirty pipe- even in our homes (have you ever seen the inside of your water pipes?!!?) and then you put THAT into your bodies! The other upsetting thing is that they put so much chlorine in the water to kill the bacteria we are drinking chlorine AND dead bacteria…UGH! 

What really bothers me is that so many people drink water (our bodies are made up of 60-70-% water) that they think is good for them- but in the long run can really be quite damaging to their vital organs, and the lives of our children are at stake!

Go to  the website  http://www.wddty.com/drugs-in-the-water-supply-could-be-causing-autism.htm
and read this article.

Drugs in the water supply could be causing autism

How scary is that??!

And to top it off,  have you noticed that the young girls today are “developing” into women at an EARLIER age? That may be because of the hormones that are in our drinking water, who knows? I have heard that that is a theory as well.

OK, so now that I have scared you- what is the solution??

In my mind, very easy.

Water should never be stagnant- and bottled water is…but if I could show you a water system that is simple- doesn’t need instillation- and delivers PURE spring water that is not only clean but has added to it the minerals that our bodies need in order to function properly- would that be good for you? Plus it goes through a magnetic field that breaks up the string of H2O molecules making more bio-available to your organs…that sounds like a pretty good deal right?

No more carrying heavy bottles from the supermarket!

Check out the New Nikken Waterfall 🙂

I might want to add, that the Nikken Water System has saved my dear  Hubby Meir (picture below) from dialysis…from ONLY drinking the pure water. Blood tests don’t lie- and his nephrologist is still in shock now 6 years later – 🙂


We will soon have this here in Israel as well…

BTW, the previous AquaPour Express is on sale here in Israel for 20% off till the end of June…so if you are living here, and don’t want to wait till we get the new system, contact me and I’ll be happy to give you the price quote…It”s a great deal and the water is fantastic.

So drink up,at least 8- 10 glasses of water a day and keep your family safe with safe water.

Am I groupie of the water system…YOU BET!

With much respect ….

All the Best



Hi everyone-

One of the goals I have set for myself is to clean out my Inbox in Outlook from the thousands (yes thousands!) of mails that I have received over the past 3 years…

Not that I don’t erase messages, but sometimes they may be a bit long or have a long YouTube attached to them – or just are soooo cute or nice that I say- “I’ll forward this later to some friends” or “I’ll file this away for future references”…
Well guess what-? If I haven’t looked at the mail in 2 years chances are that I’m not in desperate need of the info- and can live without it!  Right?

There are very few people whose mail I have decided to go over what they have sent me- and this one from my sister is right up my alley.
Especially since seeing all that mail was stressing me out!

I have no idea who composed this- but I like it!
I especially love the advice at the end…


A young lady confidently walked around the room while leading and explaining stress management to an audience; with a raised glass of water, and everyone knew she was going to ask the ultimate question, ‘half empty or half full?’….. she fooled them all… “How heavy is this glass of water?”, she inquired with a smile.

Answers called out ranged from 8 oz. to 20 oz.

She replied, “The absolute weight doesn’t matter. It depends on how long I hold it. If I hold it for a minute, that’s not a problem. If I hold it for an hour, I’ll have an ache in my right arm. If I hold it for a day, you’ll have to call an ambulance. In each case it’s the same weight, but the longer I hold it, the heavier it becomes.”
She continued, “and that’s the way it is with stress. If we carry our burdens all the time, sooner or later, as the burden becomes increasingly heavy, we won’t be able to carry on.”

“As with the glass of water, you have to put it down for a while and rest before holding it again. When we’re refreshed, we can carry on with the burden – holding stress longer and better each time practiced. So, as early in the evening as you can, put all your burdens down. Don’t carry them through the evening and into the night… pick them up tomorrow.
Whatever burdens you’re carrying now, let them down for a moment.
Relax, pick them up later after you’ve rested. Life is short. Enjoy it and the now ‘supposed’ stress that you’ve conquered!”

1 Accept the fact that some days you’re the pigeon, and some days you’re the statue!
2 Always keep your words soft and sweet, just in case you have to eat them.
3 Always read stuff that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it.
4 Drive carefully… It’s not only cars that can be recalled by their Maker..
5 If you can’t be kind, at least have the decency to be vague
6 If you lend someone $20 and never see that person again, it was probably worth it..
7 It may be that your sole purpose in life is simply to serve as a warning to others.
8 Never buy a car you can’t push.
9 Never put both feet in your mouth at the same time, because then you won’t have a leg to stand on.
10 Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance.
11 Since it’s the early worm that gets eaten by the bird, sleep late.
12 The second mouse gets the cheese.
13 When everything’s coming your way, you’re in the wrong lane.
14 Birthdays are good for you. The more you have, the longer you live.
15 You may be only one person in the world, but you may also be the world to one person.
16 Some mistakes are too much fun to make only once.
17 We could learn a lot from crayons. Some are sharp, some are pretty and some are dull. Some have weird names and all are different colors, but they all have to live in the same box.
18 A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour.
19 Have an awesome day and know that someone has thought about you today.
20 It was me, your friend!  

So have a great day- and don’t get stressed out over things that are not worth it!
Remember- Only take “Ownership” of the important things in life.

All the best,



Hi All,

So we as adults don’t like being under stress, right?
We know what it can do to us….or do we?-

OK, so that will be another post at another time-but still…;-)

We are adults- we know that if we choose to overcome a challenge, we know what we have to do- whom to go to in order to find answers- look up on the internet.
In other words if we want we can try and overcome our    
problems, but what about our children?

Who should THEY turn to?  US!

We have a responsibility to our children, and to future generations, to protect, guide, and teach them how NOT to get into situations where they will have to constantly fight for their survival. We also have the responsibility to keep them HEALTHY.

There is an amazing organization called “Healthy Child Healthy World”

They have a wonderful newsletter that I want to suggest that you sign up for- even if you are young and don’t have children.
Watch this great short clip:

So I would like to suggest that we are that “friend” mentioned in the clip.

Here’s why:
We should be able to rear our children in a safe environment and not have to worry that the water they drink doesn’t have hormones, rust heavy metals, antibiotics- to name a few contaminants.

And how about our air? Why do we have to be the national filters for the fumes and exhaust that is constantly being emitted for cars and factories?

And even something as simple as buying a mattress for our kids to sleep on….

Christine Nienstedt, is a Mom who is concerned …. “I do my best, but it’s just not easy to know which mattress to buy, or how far from flame retardants you can get, or what food wrapped in plastic packaging is okay,”

This is a quote from an article in the Huffington GREEN Post
National Stroller Brigade: Moms Descend On Congress To Urge Toxic Chemical Reform

Read this article, very scary stuff….

There is so much out there that we should be watching out for, but somehow it is all soooooo overwhelming.

How in the world can we fight and do what is right for our children- the future of mankind??

The answer is rather simple.

I personally have found it in a Wellness Home where I can drink clean spring water whenever I want, in fact I can even shower in it :-).
I can breathe clean air
I can eat want I want (within the limits of my waistline!)  but still know that I’m getting the nutrition I need to stay healthy- plus
I can sleep and wake up refreshed with less sleep and have a more productive day.

And all of this naturally, without toxins and chemicals.

What do you want to hear about first?

Ask me- I’m YOUR friend!

Have an awesome day!

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